There will be a number of speakers at the conference most from UNAC member groups, friends of UNAC and important people in the movement.  However, the conference is for all of us and there will be ample opportunity for all who attend to speak in the workshop and panels and to network with other people and groups.

Some of the speakers will include:

Mnar Adley – Award-winning journalist and editor and founder and director of Mint Press

Nick Estes – Lakota organizer, journalist and historian at the University of Minnesota.  He is the cofounder of the Red Nation.

Ajamu Baraka – National Organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace, former Green Party Vice President candidate, UNAC Administrative Committee

Lautaro Sandino – Nicaraguan Ambassador: Currently Head of Mission at the Nicaraguan embassy in Washington DC

Bruce Gagnon – Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Margaret Kimberley – Editor & Senior Columnist for Black Agenda Report,  Coordinating Committee of Black Alliance for Peace, UNAC Admin Committee

Omali Yeshitela – Chair of African People’s Party, Founder Uhuru Movement and defendant against government political attacks

Jeff Mackler – Socialist Action, West Coast UNAC, UNAC Administrative Committee

Danaka Katovich – National Co-Director of Code Pink, Coordinates CodePink Middle East campaigns and the Peace Collective

Rhonda Ramiro – Spokesperson of BAYAN, USA, Chair, International League of Peoples’ Struggle, US, UNAC Administrative Committee

Joe Lombardo – UNAC Coordinator

Sara Flounders –  International Actions Center, Workers World Party, SanctionsKill Campaign, UNAC Administrative Committee

Bahman Azad – Coordinator US Peace Council, UNAC Administrative Committee

Wyatt Miller – Minnesota Antiwar Committee, UNAC Administrative Committee

Olga Sanabria Davila – Puerto Rican Independista activist, organizer for presence at annual UN Decolonization Committee

John LaForge – Nukewatch Wisconsin

Lee Siu Hin – China-US Solidarity Network, National Immigrant Solidarity Network and

Michael Wong – Vice President Veterans For Peace, Co-Coordinator VFP China Working Group

Richie Merino – Bronx Antiwar Coalition

John Philpot – John Philpot, International Defense Attorney and Just Peace Advocates, Canada

Efia Nwangaza – Exec. Director at Malcolm X Center for Self Determination and Black Alliance for Peace

Pippa Bartolotti – Global Women for Peace United Against NATO and UNAC

Taher Herzallah – Director of Outreach and Grassroots Organizing, American Muslims for Palestine

Husam Marajda – Co-Chair of US Palestinian Communities Network Chicago.

Rania Salem – member of US Palestinian Communities Network-Chicago

Meredith Aby – Minnesota Anti-War Committee

Janine Solanki – Chair of Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO)

Yasmin Hirsi – Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment – RISE

Erica Caines – Black Alliance for Peace – Haiti/Americas Team

Brianna Tomci – Black Alliance for Peace – Americas Zone of Peace

Alison Bodine – The Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice

John Parker – Struggle LaLucha,  Peace and Freedom Party 37th District congressional candidate

Phil Wilayto – Editor, The Virginia Defender; Coordinator, Odessa Solidarity Campaign

Mick Kelly – Editor Fight Back News, Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Tom Burke– Organizational secretary, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Free Alex Saab Support Committee, Simon Trinidad Campaign

William Camacaro – Venezuelan-U.S. Coordinator of Alex Saab Support Committee, Staff member, Alliance for Global Justice

Gerry Condon – Task Force on the Americas, past President of Veterans For Peace

Arjae Red – Worker organizer with Starbucks Workers United in Buffalo, Exec Committee Workers World Party

David Paul – DSA San Francisco, Embassy Protection Collective, SanctionsKill Campaign

Roger Harris – Task Force on the Americas, SanctionsKill Campaign, U.S. Peace Council

Colleen Rowley – Twin Cities Assange Defense, FBI Whistleblower

Dee Knight – DSA International Committee, Author of A Realistic Path to Peace

Tom Baker – President of Ontario New Democratic Party, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, Socialist Action Canada Central Committee

Sarah Martin – Retired Nurse, Board Member of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)

Mel Underbakke – Deputy Executive Director of Coalition for Civil Freedoms focused on abuses of the U.S. domestic “War on Terror.”

Ambassador Dr. Sidi Omar, Representative of the Frente POLISARIO at the United Nations and Coordinator with MINURSO

and more…